Sunday, September 25, 2011


Aria to me was a very sad kind of reading. At first Iwas frustrated with the kid because I thought he was taking a lot away form himself. For example he said he would sit in class "silent, waiting for the bell to sound, I remained dazed, diffident, afraid". I know he was Spanish, and did not speak a lot of English and that could be very intimidating especially if you are in a all white school, but I think he should have at least made an effort in class to try to make new friends, and interact with the teacher to learn and experience new things. But right when the nuns came (pg 1), I started to feel bad. His parents were told they need their kids to speak English better, and that they want their parents to just speak English around them. As the story goes on the boy starts to feel more and more distant from his family, but seems to enjoy school better. When reading this I actually felt bad for the kid because he did not really communicate with his parents at all. Personally that would kill me becasue my parents are everything in my life. Their always there for you when you need them, and I feel like this kid might have lost that feeling towards his parents becasue they did not get to talk as much as they use to. I just thought it was sad to see a family fall apart like this.

Monday, September 19, 2011

White Privelage: Unpacking the invisible knapsack...Peggy McIntosh

When McIntosh first starts to talk about women and how they do not have the same rights as men, I agreed. I do think women still get treated differently then men. I think our society today still has the mentallity of "men dominant women" and "men should be the ones who work all day and women take care of the house and children". I think this is one of the biggest problems with our socitey. I breifly touched upon this in my first reflection paper, but now that I hear it again, it gets me fried up. I know women can do exatctly what men can do. I bet if you put a woman in some serious jobs like a President or executive of a company, they can perform better than some men. I also think women have a lot tougher life than men. Just because men have a physical advantage over women, does not mean they have the right to boss them around, or disrespect women. All woman should have the same rights as men and should be treated equally. They work just as hard, but do not nearly get the respect they deserve.
McIntosh also talks about "power" she has, but I do not know how to really react to it. At first I was mad but then I kind of saw where he was coming from. This article was pretty confusing and jumped around from one topic to another. It made me confused and not pay attention to the article.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hey wahts' up I'm Duff. I am from Cranston RI and I am the middle child of a fmaily of 5. I am sports addicted. No matter what sport it is I love to watch it or play it. I am a huge football fan though. I could watch football no matter what team is paying, even though I am a die hard Patriots fan. This semester I am taking 3 classes and so far no complaints. All my professors are pretty cool and are layed back. When not in class, I am usually playing some kind of sport, working out, playing video games, or just hanging out with my family.