Monday, October 10, 2011

In the Service of what?

Christensen is absoultly correct.The media definetly plays a rolde in how our society view things. The one thing the media portrays today is gender roles. For example, women are suppose to stay at home, take care of the kids and are basically suppose to form their childrens identity. On the other hand, men are suppose to go out and work all day, make the money to support the family. Another big thing Christensen talks about that the media portrays is money. They make it seem that people must have money in order to be happy, which I am not sure if i cant disagree with her. In todays society, many people struggle to make money, and a lot of people are depressed. The media definetly plays a role in how our society should be. Meaning they say certain things and portray certain things on how people should live. Like when they promote things that have to do with clothes or makeup or really anything in general, they always need a beautiful girl, or a really cut looking man. They  do this not only to promote their product, but to promote how people should look. Christensen made some interesting points, and I can wait to go over it in class.


  1. I can't wait to discuss this either! I definitely agree with you. I noticed today that gender roles aren't just in the media; they're in classrooms too! In one of my classrooms today at VIPS, there was a little sentence building chart on the wall and one of the examples was: "Men work." It really bothered me!!!

  2. I agree with what you said about advertisements always needing attractive people. Even when they use naturally attractive people, they still make them up to look unnatural. If no one can possibly look that way, why make it a standard?

  3. I posted a video that discuss how the media shapes politics that is interesting. It starts off slow and has cheesy graphics in the beginning but Noam Chomsky is the authority on manipulation tactics used by the media.