Sunday, November 6, 2011


I thought the convention was kind of cool. I really liked the fact our class stuck together pretty much the whole time. I really got to know my classmates better an I talked to some kids I do not talk to in class, it was pretty cool.
For my work shop I went to the GLBT and i thought it was awesome. They played this awesome video that was only intended to be 10 minutes long and ended up being a hour! it was a presentation from URI students that are members of the GLBT club at URI. They created a video and interviewed a bunch of people some were gay, straight, lesbian, transgendered and bisexual and they just shared their stories. Most of the stories were about people trying to come out and all the challenges they had to face in their life. Other stoires were about people who supported somebody they loved that came out.
All the stories were really awesome and all of them made me realize the difficulty and the challenge it is to stand up and say your gay. It really inspired me to really stand up for what yourself and everything you believe in.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed this... wish you had more details, connections to readings, links and pictures to flesh it out!!