Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Most of this article kind of came off as jibberish to me. It just seemed like this lady kept on talking and talking about uninteresting stuff. I didn't really like the article but one thing she talked about that I can kind of relate to was when she discussed some of the uneven oppurtunties in the class room. I never realized this as it ws  happening, but all through high school I was always in the lower point level kids. And when Oakes said low-abaililty classes, the teacher spends more time disciplining then teaching the students, and in the higer level classes, the kids seem to be well behaved, so they get taught more. I have to say I toatlly agree with that statement. It seemed like every class  I had, their was somebody getting yelled at for acting up, or talking in class, or making some kind of rutcus, but in the other classes the kids were better behaved and could control themselves easier, so they turned out to learn more in class.

I alwyas thought that the students in the higher level classes were always just smarter than me, but this just made me realize that they had more of a oppurtuinty to learn, while I was getting discplined and had some of my education taken away from me


  1. I totally agree with you and saw the same thing in my high school. It's just sad that we haven't come up with a better system that teaches every student well regardless of their "ability"

  2. I completely agree with you - if a teacher focused less on discipline and more on actually teaching, the kids WOULD learn. What a concept!