Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tim Wise

I have to say I agree with Tim Wise a lot. I thought the way he broke down racism was spot on. The first Racism was pretty straight forward, "whites are better than blacks". When I see racism it is usually this kind. I think this one is really portrayed with older folks. For example in the movie Gran Torino, we see Clint Eastwood's character always watching the Asian kids across the street. He always just assumed they were up to no good just because they dressed like "gansters". Eventually they did break into his garage, and he was right, but still he was thinking they were doing bad things before he even caught them doing anything bad.
The second kind of racism he talks about is enlightened exceptional-ism. This kind would be a African-American trying to be like a white man. He might talk like one, act like one, he might live like one, dress like one, but he will still never be one. I guess a example of a person like this would be anybody in politics.

On a side note I think both these concepts or ideas are completely stupid. Racism should be over and everybody should stop judging everybody else.

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  1. intresting point duff, and about the movie that is a good connection