Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Unlearning the myths that bind us

I thought this reading was really interesting. Growing up, I never really thought about any of this. I always just saw the cartoon as a cartoon. I never sat down and realized the message some of these cartoon movies are sending out. After reading this piece I felt like my Disney childhood was completely flipped upside down. 
One of my all time favorite movies is Shrek. Right when I read this, I actually realized the message Shrek was sending.... if your not a princess, then you are a ugly ogre. Which is a terrible message to send out. You do not want little girls or boys if their not a prince or princess their nothing. Everybody should be told when their young that everybody is equal. Nobody is better than anybody else.

I actually am glad we go to read something like this because I found it very interesting that a "innocent" company like Disney would portray a bad image for little kids. Everything they say or do seems to be so perfect and nice. I just could not believe Disney could send a message like that.

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  1. At first I wanted to argue what you had said at the end, but then I thought about it and you're right :/ However, when you watched the movies as a child, did you see the hidden messages that Disney portrays? Children don't get all the jokes or "lessons", but we as adults do. For example, I used to watch the movie "Grease" at least once a week when I was a kid. I just recently watched it again after not having seen it for a few years, and I got so many of the jokes that I didn't understand as a child.
    My point is, we're looking at CHILDREN'S movies from an ADULT perspective. Just saying. :/